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Logistic Services

ITOCHU Automobile America Inc. manages all aspects of Transportation Services.


Transportation Services

Logistic Services With over 20 years of experience, ITOCHU Automobile America Inc. is a full service 3PL transportation solutions provider focused on moving your products and materials to your customer safely, efficiently, and economically.

Trading Services

Total solution provider for global component sourcing, supply chain management, off-balance sheet trade financing, and vehicle distribution.



Trading Services We provide the optimal products and services for each market as well as a comprehensively broad range of flexible functions suited to the needs of markets and customers.

Automobile Components

Trading Services Tier1 sourcing of automobile components: total supply chain management, international technical support, as well as our financing capability for your JIT delivery requirements.


Trading Services We procure and supply engine, chassis and wheel components that are casted or forged, milled or fabricated; as material, finished and/or assembled, for your commercial trucks and construction, industrial, and agricultural machinery.
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